Diaper2packs for Mince 0
Diaper2packs for Mince 1
Diaper2packs for Mince 2
Diaper2packs for Mince 3

You know I make Diaper2Packs that are sold over the counter in fetish boutiques in the Netherlands?
Well I’m super happy to tell you that since this week there is another shop selling ABDL diapers: Mince.

Mince is located in the Eindhoven region, the Netherlands. It’s the biggest fetish store on this side of Europe, with two stories filled with quality fetish items. The staff are very friendly and you can ask them anything.

To celebrate, here are the behind the scenes pictures of the Diaper2packs that are now for sale at Mince. Yes, Diaper2packs are made in a real Nursery 😀

Xx Emma