So you’re interested in me making a custom photo set or a custom video? That sounds like fun!
Let's see if our ideas match 🙂

Shareable or exclusive
Shareable content means I make content for you, and then later I can share it on my site.
I can also make exclusive content, which means that I make it for you and I never share it. Sometimes a request is so specific that I won’t be posting it on my site anyway and then I decide that it’s going to be exclusive content.

Please note that the copyright always stays with me. That means that you can enjoy the pictures or video, but you don’t get to share them without my permission. Just ask me first and I’ll say yes or no.

Picture set or video
If you like a picture set I’ll make and send you 8 to 10 pictures. A video is anywhere between 5-8 minutes. I send them to your mail address via an online transfer service, as it will be too big to just email it.

Prices are the same for a picture set and for a custom video.
For shareable content I only ask € 30 (please note this is euros not dollars) and for exclusive content I ask € 70.
You can pay me via PayPal.

Contact me via the contact form and tell me your ideas 🙂